senshishadow (senshishadow) wrote in street_gang,

1,2,3 and a pyro update

1 smirked thus being the mini leader got the thing to make sure.. the two guys smirked wondering how much a struggle would take place... char undoubtable would try and resist being kept in the kictchen but number 2 had a idea for keeping him as long as number one helped ... and number three had the duty of escorting kaori to the infirmay. Unlike jades orders it was more of the guys take one guy to the kitchen and number one has kaori.

Number two dashed and rammed char so he fell backwards and lost his grip on kaoris arms. 1 tapped kaori on the shoulder and wind warped to the infirmy without much harm done. Char was warped just before he hit the ground and hit the floor of the kitchen instead of hitting the hallway floor. As for number three he just warped to the kitchen to help keep char inside being a thief and all.

Pyro was now walking around with a mini cart holding everything he and the sacvengers " bought". Most of it was smithing ores and building supplies but there was a paper on top of the pile that held a order for 9 garment to be made when the sizing could be done. He turned his small cart into a ally and put his hand on top of the paper and warped himself back to his small keep where he began to unload the cart with the help of the builder goons and bane.
(semi rushed post but i got 2 minute to get my books and run to class)
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