thorn_de_noche (thorn_de_noche) wrote in street_gang,


She shook her head.

'Hopeless,'she thought to herself. Snapping her fingers, she called up two of the men Pyro left in her charge.

"You - take him to the kitchen, he can't survive on apple alone," she turned to the other man. "You - take her to the infirmary. I don't care what sort of weird wind warrior/ninja thing you have to do to get her there, just do it."

She smoothed her skirts as the men moved forward to carry out their orders.

"Kaori, dear, I'll see you in the infirmary in a bit. Char - I'll meet you in the kitchens after I clean up."

With that, she spun on her heel and walked off to her rooms.

[OC: Ryu-chan, you can go ahead and RP the goons who were set on you.]
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