senshishadow (senshishadow) wrote in street_gang,

Pyro and number 1, 2, and 3

Pyro got up off of jade and held out his hand to help jade up.
" well i have things to check on .. namely get some other cloths for my goons... flat ended crossbow bolts.. and too many things... and i need to check on the progress of the building at the tower but of course without saying goodbye for a while to jade here. Goons i name you" Pyro said pointing towards the direction of the female of the group, " you are number one and the two guys can fight for two and three... but i leave them to jades bidding."
Number 1: " Woot"
Number 2 and 3 began brawling for the higher and yet useless rank after they jumped out the window of course.
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