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Medieval RPG

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The maintainer of this community is Jaki_Ryuujin. If you wish to join, please e-mail me.

*Be sure to check regularily for updates on the info!

It's the year 1543 in the Kingdom of Edina. Rulers of the south. In this world, there are many people, both rich, poor, strong weak, ruthless and kind. It's up to you on who you want to be.

Information: In this community, there are characters already in existence, you just have to choose which one you want to be.

Rank is everything to these people, they are ordained by knowledge, family, and your name.

(From highest to lowest)
1 syllable = Classless (Lowest, thieves, street kids)
2 = Merchant class
3 = Guild/Army
4 or more = Noble/Royalty


Princess Shyaonoran (Shyao) = Royalty
Prince Kailantosina (Kai) = Royalty
Prince Maldoreya (Maldor) = Royalty
Sir Farensio (Faren) = Noble
Lady Caratensemo (Cara) = Noble (Owner has given up char, is up for grabs)
Lord Setherosin (Seth) = Noble
Kaori = Army
Sukotsu = Army
Tsukasa = Army => Classless (Was lowered in class)
Senshi = Merchant => Classless (Was lowered in class)
Ki = Classless
Pyro = Classless
Char = Classless
Trick = Classless (Owner has vanished, is up for grabs)
Jade = Classless
Bane = Classless
Falcon = ?
Squall = ?


~Good guys:
King Hallaravilli (Hal to close friends)
Queen Felicianda (Felicia) (Has a bio posted in memories, please act according to if you like)
Princess Mavesorya (Mavi)
Sir Morajin (Mora)
Lord Ehekcoeh (Eke)
Lady Mariantle (Maria)
Mistress Sevedana (Dana)


Princess Minatokeysa (Mina)
Lord Alexanis (Xan)
Lady Cassantier (San)
Mistress Farsoretan (Farso)

(Neutral characters can either be turned bad, can go over to the good side, or remain as they are, it's up to the role player.)

Merchant class;
Tyson (Blacksmith)

Dakota (Doctor)


Until these roles are filled, the maintainer will be playing them.

(Yes, more good guys then bad. ^_^*)

Please note, that while the bad guys are so, others don't know that they are bad guys. *wink* Conspiriacies must be kept secret you know?

Another note: If any of the names don't appeal to you and you want to create your own character, please contact me and we'll talk about it! I'm always open for new things, if one of the names above DO grab your eye, contact me and I'll e-mail you all the stuff you need to know about your character! ^_^

Relationships are allowed, just make sure that if you're watching a relationship, that you act according to character.

Please fill out this form however if you are making your own character;

Family tree:
Anything else:

Any more questions? Feel free to e-mail me!


~No ignoring others when they're talking to you
~Try to not go off without any warning.
~Be nice, we're all friends.
~No killing any characters
~Any type of person is allowed, mercanery, mage, sorcerer, evil queen from foreign land, etc...
~You're character can't be invincible
~Please put your RP character's name in the subject bar
~Can only control three people max

Money system:

Gold Maja: Highest form of currency, worth about 15 dollars if compared to money. (U.S)
Silver Crescent: Second highest form of money, worth 7 US to us
Bronze knots: Lowest form, worth 1 US

Religion System:

Genbu the Turtle: God of the element Water and ruler of the North.
Byakko the Tiger: God of the element Earth and ruler of the East.
Suzaku the Phoenix: God of the element Fire and ruler of the South.
Seiryuu the Dragon: God of the element Wind and ruler of the West.
(A god spirit's name is passed down from generation to generation. Thus, the same name is handed down from sire to descendant, with no way to tell them apart.)
*Gods can only be played by maintainer, sorry about that*

As the Kingdom of Edina lies in the south, the most well known god of that area is Suzaku understand?

Plot so far:

~ Intro ~
The year 1543 is both bad and good in the Kingdom of Edina, often called the Kingdom of Dragons for it's symbol. The crops are fairing well, but war brews in the shadows. With the attack on Princess Shyaonoran, the kingdom has been put on high alert, and unfortunately, spies are lurking everywhere, you can't be too careful. Prince Maldor is after the throne, Prince Kai, his younger brother has no clue and ideals his brother. So what happens when Maldor turns evil?

~ Part 2 ~
After numerous attacks on Princess Shyaonoran, Maldor has begun to secretly reveal his plan. Though while Kaori and her bonded guard Shyao, more trouble begins to stir when Lady Caratensemo (Cara) meets our quick tempered mercanary, but worse yet, when Maldor visits Pyro's tower, supposedly it's location revealed by the thief named Trick, Jade, Pyro and his brother Bane, three classless, got their first vision of the heir to the kingdom. Yet as soon as Maldor left, Jade, Bane and Pyro, started to suspect Maldor, and so entered the palace under the names of Lady Koryu, Lord Pyrnous the fourth(?), and Balrogus. And as love blooms between Pyro and Jade, even more mysterious is the ninja soldier, Sukotsu, he lurks in the shadows observing. Maldor's plan has yet to be unveiled, and as his brother Kai stays blind to all that occurs, the Kingdom of Edina, might just fall.

~ Part 3 ~
The situation has become even more desperate. Maldor implanted a pendant on Shyao, which turned her against those that would protect her, unfortunately for him, the group managed to destroy the pendant, but instead imbedded a shard of it into Shyao's chest, and now other shards lurk in the castle. Pyro and Bane have yet to make a move into the main plot, but the group now relies on Sukotsu to keep Princess Shyao on their side, and Jade, aided by Faren, Captain of the guards, she has been suggested as a Lady-in-waiting to get information from court, and to keep an eye on Maldor. Wing/Suzaku, Kaori's bonded, have been on the sidelines, observing, and as Char, the informant on the streets watches Kaori's new found odd behavior, he finds himself, unexpicably, caring for her. And when Maldor hypnotises Kai into trying to kill them all, he is stopped from his madness, but in turn, Kaori, gets a shard from the pendant into her hand. Then, one day, Shyao, in pain from the shard in her chest, passes out. Now it's up to Sukotsu and Jade to save her. Yet even more shocking, Kaori, when she's alone in the deserted part of the castle, meets Maldor, and entrance by the shard embedded in her hand, falls to Maldor, when he stabs her in the stomach. Leaving her to die, someone had best find her quick, or they could lose the last tie to project X2.
And yet... is there a secret to the new arrival, Senshi Morrigan?

Hope to see you soon! We're still looking for more people! You can just fit yourself in somewhere... :P