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Pyro, bane, and goons (with some corrections to a .. misunderstanding)

" heh.. dont worry about "commanding" they mostly think on there own.. its just they are going to help you out for the most part.. ... and yeah.. good job of gagging.. now here another one incase you are hunger " Pyro pulled out another apple for kaori.

While number one was still doing a small victory dance, two and three appeared beside the group panting.. good thing the warped before hitting the ground.. it wouldnt have been a pleasent drop with the fighting... so the two decided to rock paper siccor for it and one of them won.

" and now that that is cleared up i best be off ... good luck hon " Pyro gave jade a small nip before vanishing in a small but gentle gust of wind.

Pyro appeared on the edge of the forest surrounding the small keep. A minature dungeon had already been dug out from where the hall would be ... most of the rooms that where cut out right now where mostly coin pooling rooms. One of the Heretics was getting extremely good at summoning rocks and moving them into place and even begun to summon minature golums to help with construction. After seeing pyro bane walked over to his brother.

"going well it seems" Pyro said with a sigh.
"for the most part.." Bane said with a displease face.
" why do you say that brother"
" because... i am impatient..."
"no you just want to see what the finished thing is like... everything else your lazy"
"your wrong there brother"
"first comes denial"
"dont start with that on me now"
"too late.. anyways.. what store bought stuff so i look into"
"lots of ores for smithing maybe....iunno..."
"will just browse untill i see whatever things are useful and are aviable" Pyro said and then waved as he vanished again and appeared on the roof of a house in the city... to embark of the great ...okay.. not so great jounry of finding stuff for the new part of the keep area.

OOC: sorry i had to clear this up thorn-chan... goon 1.. just sat and did a victory dance... 2 and 3 jumped out the window and fought in mid air.. but then realized that it wasnt the brightest idea. and pyro was still beside .. there.. now that thats clear up.. all is good... sort of ... :P
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