its a ginbean (ginderpia) wrote in street_gang,
its a ginbean

Char and Kaori

(OOC: The bloody hell... I thought I posted past this part. O_o)

Char blinked at Pyro while raising one eyebrow.
"You need to breath between sentences." That comment made, he calmly took a deep breath and closed his eyes.
"Now this won't solve anything, but it will make me feel a hell of a lot better." Char said calmly, before reopening his eyes.
"WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE???" He roared. He was about to continue when Kaori grabbed the apple Pyro had offered her and stuck it in the thief's mouth.
"I'll calm him down, you people get to wherever the hell you need to go." She said shooing them away while glancing at Char from the corner of her eye.

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