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Pyro took in a deep breathe as he readied himself to fill in char in one breathe.
Pyro: Okay earlier today jade, the queen, and I went riding into the woods AFter some fun between jade and I we got attack by this bunch and several other assassins and this caused jade here to semi freak and want to only protect the royal family and without me nearby I brought every still living assassin to my little keep which is the small former mage academy outside of town oh and by the way bane saw you talking to a bird anyways after fruitlessly interrogating the nine survivors of my excessive lumberjacking i eventually pursuded them to join the cause to defend the royal family and go against their former employer and thus i got the self named thief guild of heretics...
Pyro stopped and panted.. that was alot to say .. so he had to do it in two breathe so what. After another deep breathe he continued.
Pyro: Now as for the situation with kaori a small fragment of that necklace caused her to go on a rampage and eventually she got attack by maldor but she was soon saved by wing by some ressurrection spell after climbing into a room and going into slumber maldor attempted to attack again and by chance i walked into the room and stopped that attempted... man i have a habit of doing that... anyways right now they are in the still present state of exhaustion and if i dont breathe i am going to pass out.
Pyro was back to panting as he stopped.

Heretic C: Breathe man breathe
Heretic A: was it wise to say all that and probably would have been more in two breathe
Heretic B: I think that could have been a record

Pyro laughed a bit before turning to kaori and reached into a small sack of random goodies and pulled out a apple.

Pyro: I think you need to eat something.. you dont look like you should be on your feet quite yet.
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